Working with posts 1- Are You Sure? Did ever happen to you, that accidentally pressed the “Publish” button in a post when you were not finished with it? I know the feeling! It can be a little frustrating sometimes. To help you with this problem, there is a WordPress plugin that prompts a JavaScript confirmation when you click the “Publish” button, saving you from publishing content by accident.  

To download and learn more visit plugin site   2- Peter’s Post Notes: Notes always come in handy, if you are a busy person, you can forget stuff sometimes or when working in collaboration with other users. With Peter’s Post Notes you can write and leave notes in the sidebar of the post that you are editing, you can then also see them in the dashboard with a link back to the post, plus you can leave notes in the dashboard with General Notes; these notes can be set to private or they can be shared with other users that you work with on WordPress. One thing that is nice about this plugin, is that each note shows the name of the user who wrote it and the time stamp to avoid confusions.  

Download from Visit plugin site   3- TinyMCE Advanced: If you create posts right from WordPress backend, this plugin is going to be pretty helpful. If you notice when you are writing a post, the text editing tools that are available to you are pretty limited. TinyMCE Advanced is a WordPress plugin that adds a lot of functionality which will make you more productive and you will be able to enjoy a little bit more creating and editing posts from the WordPress backend.  

Download from Visit plugin site   Improve your site performance 4- Stats: This is a must have plugin. WP Stats allows you to monitor your web traffic for free! It provides details such as referrers, search engine terms that people type to get to your site, total views and view per day, top landing posts & pages; clicks — this shows which links visitors has clicked in your site–, incoming links, and more. Note: In order to use WP Stats you will need to create an account (if you don’t already have one) and get an API key. After you configure the API key with the WP Stats plugin, all the information is going to start being processes and collected by Automattic and because all of the processing and collection runs on their servers, it does not slow down your website.  

  Download from   5- WP Super Cache: This is also a must have plugin. The name almost gives it away, this WordPress plugin has the ability to statically cache your site by generating html files that are displayed to the visitor without processing PHP scripts. When using WP Super Cache you will notice a significant increase in the page load of your site. Deciding to install and use WP Super Cache could be a little bit intimidating if you have never used it before, but in reality it is pretty simple, powerful and highly recommended to speed up your site. If you are using a hosting provider make sure that they recommend this plugin for caching your site. It should not be a problem, but some hosting provider, because of their configuration, may prefer other caching plugins.  

Download from Visit plugin site   6- WP System Health: If you are hosting a blog site on your own server or from a host provider, or if you need to troubleshoot your site, this WordPress plugin will come in handy more than once. WP System Health is a plugin that displays a smart overview for your current WordPress parameters and server performance. You can view details such as PHP Version, Memory Limit – really useful setting because most the time host provider don’t want to disclose such information–, Server load, WordPress details, MySQL settings & Statistics and much more.  

  Download from Visit plugin site   Promote and make your posts more interactive 7- GD Star Rating: This plugin allows you to implement rating and thumb up or down to your posts, pages and comments. It is very customizable, you can change the star rating themes, create your own shortcode/functions with GD Star Rating: Builder, you can view the statistics for each post and page and much more.  

  Download from Visit plugin site   8- Link Within: This widget is very useful and it helps you to increase the number of page views in your blog site, by displaying at the end of each post, relevant posts links with thumbnails for the visitor to continue reading. Having the thumbnails is a plus, because an image can catch more the attention of a visitor resulting in more page views. It is easy to install & setup and really minimal settings to configure.

To download you need to fill out a really tiny form and click Get Widget! from the plugin site. Visit plugin site   9- WP-Polls: Like the name implies, WP-Polls is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create polls really easy, it also gives the option to schedule the start and end date of a particular poll. Very useful to interact more with your visitors and get to know their opinions. You also have the ability to style your polls, restrict one vote per visitor, have a page with Poll Archives, etc.  

Download from Visit plugin site   10- upPrev: NYTimes Style “Next Post” Animated Button: If you’ve ever been in, you’ve noticed that for each article, when you are scrolling down, in the bottom-right corner a small animated button with the next post link will pop-up. This WordPress plugin is the same deal, it allows you to integrate the same functionality into your blog site.

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