The design of Xbox One has a much more modern look than its now predecessor Xbox 360. Big vents and a combination of glossy black and matte finish makes it look like a bigger version of TiVo or like a home theater sound system, but if you think about, it looks like a device you will actually want to see in your media center cabinet. In the back you’ll also see many new ports including: HDMI in and pass-thru, two USB 3.0 ports, a new custom Kinect 2 port, optical out, IR out port and gigabit ethernet jack. Kinect 2 looks a bit like the power brick in the 360, now it has a bigger camera and it comes with its own hardware to process tracking information. With these characteristics you’ll notice that the new Kinect is bigger than the current sensor, and not a surprise here, but the new sensor doesn’t have a motor to articulate the sensor like the previous version. But best of all, you can play Kinect ready games in smaller spaces. The new Xbox One controller has also been redesigned, it is more ergonomic and now include rumble motors on the triggers, for better game experience. The Xbox One controller is black, buttons are positioned in the same place as before, but the A, B, X and Y buttons are more stylish and have vibrant colors.

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