One thing to make clear with Adobe Photoshop Express is that this is not Photoshop Touch, which is another product specifically designed for mobile devices that is available for Apple and Android devices. However Ps Express brings some of the same functionalities to Windows 8 PCs and Windows RT devices. This photo editing Metro-style app is, by default, built for touch and it brings some interesting basic features you can use in your photos including:

Crop, rotate, flip and remove red-eye One touch Auto-Fix which will automatically adjust exposure, brightness, and shadows Easy to use slider to control contrast, clarity, vibrance and other adjustments 15 filters (W&B, vivid, Summer, Spring, etc.)

It also supports uploading photos to Adobe Revel to sync images across devices, but it does not integrate with other cloud services like SkyDrive or Dropbox, which would have been a really nice feature. Although the Windows 8 app from Adobe is free, you’ll only get the basic features, if you want other options such as reduce noise or extra filters, you’ll have do a what is called “in-app purchase” to add these functionalities for $2.99/each. One thing though, I found really annoying is that switching to another app while editing a photo, the Ps Express app will not resume where you left off — Just something to keep in mind.

The trick

Here is a trick, Adobe allows you to preview the premium features, but of course you cannot save them. So one way to get the Adobe Photoshop Express premium features for free is by applying the preview filter or noise reduction and then just take a screenshot of the photo and voila! Then just open the image again and crop it. Now if you want to add more than one touch to your photo, take a screenshot with the filter applied, for example, and then open the screenshot and apply noise reduction, and once again take another screenshot — It is kind of dirty but it works.


Category: Productivity Languages: English (USA) and many more Age Rating: 16+ Permission: This app needs access to the internet, camera, and files Price: Free Publisher:  Adobe Systems Incorporated Download: Get it from the Windows Store

Supported architectures

x86/x64 (Windows 8) ARM (Windows RT)

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