This isn’t the first try from Google to get into the living room — previous attempt Google TV, not counting the inexpensive Chromecast success –, the search giant hasn’t had much luck to capture customer attention. But it seems that this is about to change with Android TV. The new platform brings together live TV from your cable box or over-the-air signal with Android apps and services provided by the company and third-party. The user interface is easy enough to understand for anyone who used Android and Google Play. The software adapts to the user’s patterns, the home screen, for example, displays suggested shows at the top, the apps and services, and then games which can be controlled with a game-pad very similar to the one for Xbox. The focus here is having quick access to any content the user wants to watch. Users can use their Android Wear smartwatch, Android headset or any Android device, and D-pad controller to navigate Android TV. During the Google I/O, partners were also announced to bring the platform to future HDTVs and set-top boxes, and we may be seeing this by fall time. Among other companies we will see Sony, Sharp, TV vision, and for set-top boxes we’ll see support from ASUS, Razer, and many others.

For those enthusiasts out there, here is the Google Developers sessions that goes dipper into the platform and demo:

This is the official site for Android TV

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