In this iPad app version you are going to be able to play a wider variety of file formats like XviD, MPEG4, H.264, FLAC, MP3, 3GP, MPEG2 and AVI files on a device that only supports one video format natively. The official release date is set to Tuesday, Sept. 21, but depending in your timezone it may be available really soon. A lot of people may be asking themselves if there is or if there is going to be a version for the iPhone and iPod. The answer is not there yet, but it may be coming soon. “[…]regarding an iPhone version. It’s in the works! We started with the iPad, but an iPhone and iPod version is coming.” Applidium

VLC has all codecs built-in. It comes with support for nearly all codec there is. And what is more it can even play back the file or media if it is damaged! Missing or broken pieces are no stop to VLC, it plays all the video and audio information that’s still intact. Do you think that this new app is going to affect the battery’s performance of your iPad? Remember to leave your comments in the section below. Thanks! If you want to know more about the new VLC (VideoLan) iPad app follow this link to iTunes! Source Applidium, iTunes

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