Apple CEO Tim Cook said that “it will change the way you experience music forever”. The new music service also features Beats 1, a worldwide radio station that broadcast music all day long, 365 days a year, from New York, Los Angeles and London. The radio will also showcase interviews, news, guest hosts, and a lot of music. Connect, is the Facebook for music, it’s a social media that allows users to engage and connect with their favorite artists. Artists can use Connect to post directly to Twitter or Facebook without having to jump to a different app. The social network portion of the service will be the place for musicians to share their latest status updates, such as backstage photos, lyrics, and unveil new songs. “If you want to follow artists, there’s more confusion for that. Can we build a bigger and better ecosystem, with the elegance and simplicity that only Apple can do? I’m going to introduce you to Apple Music.” Jimmy said. He also says that Apple Music will provide something no other music streaming service does… Provide a service that gets the next song right, all the time, something that algorithms alone can’t do. Among the features there is a “For You” tab that builds playlists and suggests songs that you will love. There is also a discovery feature called “New” that brings all the best and later songs at your fingertips.

Also the new service will include access to thousands of music videos. Apple Music will go live on June 30 for $9.99 after a three-month trial, plus families of up to six people can share the account for $14.99, and the service will be available as an app that combines Music and iTunes apps, in over one hundred countries.

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