The new laptop from Asus is known as VivoBook W202, and it’s a very inexpensive laptop meant for students costing less than $300. As for tech specs, the VivoBook laptop sports an Intel Celeron N3350 processor running at 1.1GHz, 4GB of memory, and 64GB of internal storage, .3-megapixel camera, and it features a 11.6-inch HD display with 1366×768-pixel resolution. Unlike modern and more expensive laptops, you have many ports, including HDMI port, SD card slot, two USB 3.0 ports, headphone jack, and even support for lock. According to Asus, the battery life on the VivoBook is 11 hours. The laptop was made for withstand a school environment with a rugged design that should help again accidental drops, and it also has a water-resistant keyboard. But the start of the show is Windows 10 S, which helps to make computer less expensive (but it’s not always the case). Unlike other editions, Windows 10 S is a variant of Windows 10 Pro optimized for security and performance, which limits you to install apps only available in the Store and Microsoft Edge with Bing as your default search engine. Of course, if S isn’t for you, it’s possible to quickly upgrade to Windows 10 Pro.  Asus VivoBook W202 will go for an estimated price of $279, and according to The Verge, it’s available now (purchase link is yet to be announced).

Asus VivoBook W202 | See at Asus

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