Now, most people place the email subscription box in the sidebar of their sites which is OK and it seems to work somewhat well, but many times visitors will not see it or they will ignore it. So, what about if there was a better, more effective way to promote it? This is when Modal Dialog plugin for WordPress comes in handy; this is a plugin that basically allows you to create one or more customizable pop-ups that will appear when the users visit your WordPress site, and you can make sure that no one will miss your message. The difference between Modal Dialog and other WordPress plugins is that it’s FREE, easy to customize and it works great with Feedburner; for example, you can create many different pop-us, you can configure the number of times that a particular pop-up will appear to visitors and how many days before the pop-up will appear once again to the same visitor. You can load content from an external site or use custom HTML code in the dialog — this is the feature that we really need to integrate with Feedburner –. Another cool feature, I think is worth to mention, is the ability of having specific pop-up to be displayed in a per post/page basis and having the main pop-up show up in the rest of the site. Today, I am going to demonstrate  how to configure Modal Dialog with Feedburner, but you can use the same concept to invite your fans to respond to a survey, invite them to register to another type of newsletter service, or just simply welcome them to the site. The fist thing you are going to do is to get a copy of Modal Dialog and install it in your WordPress site, you can visit this page for instruction how to install this particular plugin in WordPress. Remember that you can always go to your WordPress Plugins section, click Add New, type the name of the plugin and hit Install and activate. Now go to the Modal Dialog settings, which will look something like this:

To create your email subscription pop-up using Feedburner the only thing that you need to do is to paste the Feedburner HTML code in Dialog Contents and configure the settings to make it behave the way you want. Down below are the options that I think are the most important and you should pay attention:

As you can see in the above image, the first option is to choose one of the pop-ups that you have created, and don’t forget to click the button Make Current to do just that. Remember to select Yes in the Active field and choose Specify Below in Dialog Contents option in Content Source. In the Dialog Contents paste the Feedburner HTML code for email subscription. Then set the Number of days until cookie expatriation, this setting sets when a user is expected a pop-up once again. Next, set Number of times to display modal dialog, this setting will determine how many times the pop-up is going to shown to the user while navigating the site. Another option that I would like to recommend is to select the Auto-Size Dialog, this option will make sure that your pop-up will have the right width and height. At last remember to click the Save Settings button to apply the new configuration.

If you like the pop-up in the image below

You can use an HTML code similar to this: [codesyntax lang=”html4strict” lines=”no”] [/codesyntax] Note: If you are using Feedburner but you don’t know how to get the Email Subscription code, do the following: Finally, remember to save your changes and clear your WordPress cache if you are using any. Now just give it about a week and check the number of subscribers. Did Modal Dialog with Feedburner work? I hope this tutorial has been helpful for you. Please let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below! All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.