Now every Bing app for Windows Phone feature a new option to sign-in with a Microsoft account, which makes possible to sync configuration and data between Windows 8 PCs and Windows Phone devices. Microsoft describes it as a seamless integration between devices: “You only need to set your preferences once, and your favorite stuff will always be there”.

The new apps

In the new wave of updates, Microsoft is also releasing three new apps for Windows Phone:

Bing Food & Drink to help users cook with thousands of recipes from different sources including BigOven, AllRecipes, Epicurious, Food52, and many more. The app features an useful search with infinite scroll to find the food to cook, you can also create shopping list, and find the perfect drink recipe. Bing Health & Fitness is very useful app to stay healthy it uses GPS to track your running and biking, it provides valuable health advice, diet tracker, exercise instructions, and symptom search tool. (Check more about this new Windows Phone app in my previous overview.) Bing Travel is the third new app for Windows Phone. This new app offers guides to various destinations, rich photos, reviews, and a lot more. You can also find hotels and check out flights or you can even make “last minute booking decisions”.

The updated apps

Bing News brings new sharing functionalities for text, email, or social network and you’ll also notice big news outlet source such as New York Times and Wall Street Journal. Bing Sports, now the app features live events updates for NFL, NBA, and MLS. You now read news, social media updates, and view photos for specific players. Also you can pin schedules to the home screen and you can set news personalization to follow your favorite sport. Bing Finance gets the My Finance brokerage account aggregator from Windows 8.1. You can pin stocks to the home screen, use a new mortgage calculator, and read news from high-profile finance sources.

It’s rather estrange that Microsoft isn’t selling Windows Phone devices, they are great devices, and these new roaming features is yet another reason why, at least, Windows users you choose a Windows Phone.

You can download all these apps now from the Windows Phone Store: 

Bing Health & Fitness Bing Food & Drink Bing Travel Bing News Bing Sports Bing Finance Bing Weather

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