Today’s overhauling of also ports all the MSN apps into the web. Users interested on trying the new modern touch friendly portal can do so by visiting on any web browser. The new homepage highlights everything you would expect from the service and unlike the now old version, the software giant is focusing on putting the most important services front-and-center with the “Services Stripe” at the top of the page to get access to, Office, OneNote, OneDrive, Maps, Facebook, Twitter, Xbox Music, and Skype.

More importantly all the user’s information and personalization settings will roam between devices when logged in, whether users are using the apps in Windows Phone or Windows 8.1, or in the web. Last time that Microsoft revamped its was in 2012, when the company launched Windows 8, and the portal aimed to be a touch-first experience for Windows 8 and Windows RT users using Internet Explorer 10. It had a Metro theme focus on news, sport, money, auto, and entertainment. This week the new MSN is launching in beta form and it’s available in 55 markets, but the company hopes to remove the “beta” label in the coming weeks. Microsoft also says that 50 million unique users access the Bing apps on Windows 8 and Windows Phone every month, but moving into the web makes the same content available for more users. And rebranding will also help the company to reach into the 400 million users worldwide to have more people using the apps that being in Windows, Windows Phone, iOS or Android.

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