Perhaps the most noticeable change you’ll notice the next time you’re on, is the new modern logo design, which now perfectly aligns with all Microsoft products. The company chose the color orange, almost golden, from the new corporate logo. The wordmark is a modified version of the company’s font Segoe and it continues with the lowercase ‘b’.

Also this week the software giant is refreshing with a new responsive design that adapts across PC, tablet, and compatible phone. The company will keep its daily Bing images in the homepage, but once you type a search term you’ll see results differently.

For example, Microsoft is updating Bing’s “Page Zero”, which is a way to get answers instantaneously before seeing the final search results. When you type a specific term (or a term that Bing really knows is exactly what you want) in the search box (e.g., Bill Gates, a brand name, etc.), you get instant results like images, relevant links, and other type of searches you can do (image, news, videos, etc.). Also result links are changing fonts from Arial to Segoe, and semantic and social search are now in one column to enhance the experience.

Another new feature is a new module at the top of the page, which puts information at your fingertips. You’ll see this new module on certain searches, for example, “New York weather”, “What’s my IP address”, etc. Surprisingly the new module will not appear for definitions or math at this time.

These are just a few changes of a bigger plan, Microsoft will continue to introduce new features to keep improving its search engine experience. If you still don’t see the new Bing, just go to

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