Bing Health & Fitness uses GPS to keep track of your running and biking, it is also good on providing valuable health advice. The apps is pretty much exactly the same as the Bing app, already available in Windows 8.1, you have the same diet tracker, exercise instructions, and a symptom search tool. But perhaps the most important feature is that all the information syncs across all your Windows PCs and Windows Phone devices when logged in with your Microsoft account, thanks to OneDrive integration. Although you can also connect using your Microsoft HealthVault cloud service. Visually the app is colorful and easy to use, sections are color coded with icons easy to recognize:

Trackers: The app packs different ways to track your health. You can track your diet, cardio, and GPS activity. Each of the trackers can be pinned to the home screen for easy access. Fitness: In this view you’ll find useful fitness articles curated from Bing with workouts on yoga and strength exercises, just to name a few. Nutrition: In this view you will find useful nutrition articles and videos on how to eat healthier and how to follow diets to lose weight. Medial: This view is your equivalent to WebMD for Bing Health & Fitness app. Here you’ll find information on different symptoms and also you can read related articles and watch videos. News: This view get you the latest health and fitness news headlines.

What I see thus far is that this is a great app, even though it isn’t finished, and I would easily recommend this app to any Windows Phone and/or Windows PC user who wants to be a bit healthier. Bing Health & Fitness beta is available now for download from the Windows Phone Store. Don’t forget to share your thoughts. Thanks. All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.