Now, the next time you are on Bing and you sign in to Facebook, you will see a lot more data from Facebook Like button and from Facebook profiles. According to a Microsoft survey, 90 percent of people surveyed always look for advice from friends and family before making a decision, in other words the majority of people feel more confident to make a decision if they have help and approval from their trusted circle; without this help decisions could take a short moment or days. And this is where Bing thinks that have found the answer to this phenomenon by integrating Facebook in the search results and hopefully help you to make better decisions.

Here is an overview of the features from the new Bing social integration with Facebook:

Search result: Looking for something specific can get a little bit overwhelming, Bing now shows search results that your friends liked on Facebook. You can see this with a small thumbnail under the links that your friends have liked. More personalized results: Now Facebook Likes will affect search rank of the content, for example, if you are looking for a new car and the specific model you are looking for will normally show up in the third page of search result, now because a friend of your has liked it the link will be promoted to the first page.

Bing not only is going to integrate input from your friends but in the case that non of your friends have liked anything on a particular search result, Bing will also use decisions made by other people around the web:

Popular content: Bing now shows Facebook liked relevant content from Facebook fan pages, trending topics and other articles. When looking for a new camera, for example, see what other cameras people have liked on a particular site and it can help you make a better decision. More social integration: Search results can get more attractive when well-known brands and companies share content on Facebook, and Bing can bring those Facebook posts alerts with new deals that you can take advantage of.

A lot of decisions may require some discussion first before making a choice, and the communication tools from Facebook and Bing makes a more active conversation:

Find Facebook friend faster: Bing social integration with Facebook provide a quicker and more complete result when search for a specific person with rich information such as location, employment details and location. Facebook sharing options: Bing has added Facebook sharing capabilities to its travel search section, flights, and its shopping section. With this new functionality becomes really easy, for example, to create and share a shopping list with specific friends or just post it in your wall.

Last, Microsoft is also launching a new version of Bing toolbar, which also incorporates a new universal Facebook Like button, that will give you the ability to like any Website or Web page, even if it doesn’t have a Facebook Like button. Learn more about Bing social search:

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