Studying our body can sometimes be difficult to understand, but at moments when something is not right with your body or someone close to you doesn’t feel physically good, you’d like to be informed about the condition. If you are a medical student in college, or if you are learning a new exercise that works a specific muscle, you may want to know more about it. For those situations having a visual map of the human body can be very helpful.

Overview on how to use BioDigital Human

Once you have the extension installed, you’ll see, of course, a 3D rendering of the human body. On the left you’ll find a menu where you can explore the different parts of the body’s anatomy. On the right pane, you can find details of common conditions, and at the bottom you’ll find the toolbar, where you can zoom, rotate, switch between body types, take snapshots and save the image to your computer, etc. You can also create your own library from the Bookmarks tab, where you can save different topics that you are interested in and you can even access some public bookmarks as well. If there is something specific that you are looking for, the handy search box right under the tab will help you and search results are instant.

Searching or zooming a specific part of the body will populate the right pane with information about common conditions.   With this tool you can not only view information on muscular system, but all other human body systems as well (skeleton, digestive, urinary, nervous, etc.) and you can also view the human body in X-ray mode from the toolbar.

BioDigital Human is available for Google Chrome, but also you can access this tool with any modern web browser that support HTML5, WebGL and advanced graphics by just visiting So whether you are in college or you are simply interested in the body’s anatomy, BioDigital Human is a free great learning tool that you should give a try.

Install BioDigital Human Google Chrome extension

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