Once you install bit.ly Google Chrome extension, you are going to have quite few good features in Chrome that can make a more productive Web experience. Here are some them:

Easily short URLs with a single-click from Google Chrome and URLs are automatically copied to the clipboard.


Twitter Enhance: Shorten URLswith a single-click links on Twitter.


Trend Notifications: Receive notifications about any bit.ly link that you have shared and is trending on the internet and you can configure at which point to get this notification by setting up a threshold number in the extension options.


Auto Expand Links: Preview metrics and page titles when you hover over bit.ly and bit.ly Pro links. Additionally you can add others shorter domain host to view previews, i.e. from Facebook shorter service.

  Note that you will need a bit.ly account to use this Chrome extension, if you don’t have one, you can easily get one at the http://bit.ly/ Website! Wrapping things up, the next time you need to share links on Twitter or via email to a friend, short URLs and track them, and you are using Google Chrome, you should give bit.ly Chrome extension a try.   Useful Links

Download bit.ly from Chrome Web Store

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