Blio eReader software in now available for free! Moreover, from the Blio’s online Bookstore there is available over a million titles for free and they also partnered with Baker & Taylor to provide another 10,000. They also have thousands of publishers from which you can purchase content. Right now Blio is only available for PC but really soon there will be Android, iPhone and iPad apps among others. They are also promising large quantity of partnerships with device (i.e. tablet, laptop) manufactures, retailers, carriers and educational institutions.

How do I get Blio eReader software?

Go to Blio download page, follow this link!

How do I install Blio?

  1. After you downloaded the file from Blio’s website, locate and double-click it to launch the program installation wizard.

  2.  Click Next, and provide user information.

  3.  Click Next again to choose the destination folder, Click Next once again and Next one last time!

  4. Wait until the program is fully installed in your computer and click Finish to end.

  5.  Surprise! There is one more thing to install, PlayReady PC Runtime Setup is going to launch now.

  6.  Click Next, accept the agreement, click Next, Next again and Install.

  7.  And click Finish to end.

  8.  Launch Blio software from the Windows Start menu.

  9.  Accept the licensing.

  10.  Hang in there, we are almost done! Now we need to create an account (this is optional).

  11.  Fill out the form, click Create Account and now we are done!

Enjoy! In this Blio review I am going to show you how does Blio looks like: Blio main User Interface.

  Blio Free Books section.   Blio reading a book section, you can also take notes and fancy 3d page turns.

  Blio online Bookstore.

Which are Blio eReader features?

Blio displays books in full color, with fonts, pictures, and layout as the publisher intended. Blio lets you sync up to 5 devices so your books can go wherever you go. Blio’s BookVault lets you access all of your content, and download it to your device from anywhere you have an internet connection. ReadLogic mode intelligently zooms to the next logical text block to simplify reading even on the smallest devices. Multiple reading views, including: text only mode, single page, dual page, tiled pages, or 3D “book view” for realistic page turning. Create a personalized list of reference websites for one-touch look-up of highlighted phrases. Look up phrases or topics in the included browser, without ever leaving the context of your book. Have Blio read the selected book to you (text-to-speech), highlighting each words as it does. Insert text, image, or hyperlink notes directly into your content. These are saved, and can be exported to create lists or study materials. Full support for audio and video embedded within interactive books. Supports touch interaction for touch-enabled devices.

Wrapping up this Blio review

Over all the software seems to be pretty stable, responsive, easy to navigate, really nice and clean user interface, and feature rich. The installation was not hard to follow and it took less than 5 mins to get everything setup. The only down side I have found is that it does not have support for PDF file format, and if you are like me, you have many of eBooks in PDF, and last Blio software it is a little bit CPU and memory hungry. Blio eReader wants to change in a whole new level the way we consume printed out and digital books today. K-NFB Reading Technology — creators of  this software — through Blio is promising to revolutionize the digital reading experience with full-color, interactive and immersive content. Not only we are going to have a great experience, but Blio will also make it possible to access all our content from any internet connected device that works with Blio. You can also download the ebooks and read them when internet isn’t available. If you lose your device you can restore all your content from your online library. Now, fully enjoy the subtlety of design originally intended by the publisher. Source Blio Remember leave a comment on what you think about Blio eReader software. Thanks!

Sept. 29, 2010 Update:

If you want to import PDF eBooks into Blio try this Trick: How to convert PDF to XPS file format in Windows

Oct. 20, 2010 Update:

Learn about NOOK and NOOKstudy e-Reader software from Barnes & Noble that support PDF eBooks out of the box. All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.