Save to Google is like a temporary location to save your bookmarks with a beautiful user interface and a few extra features you don’t get when saving a link to your bookmarks on Chrome. Once you install the extension to the web browser, the Save to Google button will appear next to the address bar. At any time, you can click the yellow button to save a web page, video, or image. You will also get the choice to add tags to group and sort links more logically. When you want to see your saved links, you’ll have to go to, as at the time of the writing, the extension doesn’t offer a button or keyboard shortcut that you can use on Chrome to access your links. In “All saves”, you can click any link and modify its title and add notes as you like. Note that to delete a save, you don’t have to click the “X”, instead you need to click the trash can button on the bottom-right side. The extension works very well, but it’s a work in progress as functionality and features are still a bit limited. For example, you can’t easily access all your saves, the extension isn’t available on mobile devices, and you can’t change the view, as you’re only stuck with a tile view when different listing views can help users visualize all the links.

Download the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

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