The Cortana app for Android is capable of doing many things like the version for Windows 10 desktop and Windows Phone. You can set reminders, search the web, track packages and information, and a number of other tasks. However, because the app isn’t fully integrated with Google’s operating system for mobile devices, features such as the hands-free voice activation feature, “Hey Cortana”, the ability to toggle settings, and opening apps aren’t features supported on the Android platform. In the same way the Windows version can do, Cortana for Android allows you to get access to the notebook to set and control various information about your experience, you can also see your events, get information about nearby places to eat and drink, weather, sports, news, and a lot more. Microsoft also notes that since the launch of the “closed beta”, the company has made a number of improvements to the experience, including the ability to configure Cortana as the default action when pressing the home button. The company also promised a version of Cortana for iOS coming later this year, but there is no word on the specific release date.

Download Cortana for Android from the Google Play Store

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