For example for each one of the desktops you can configure properties such as: Change resolution for each desktop, passwords protection for each desktop if you need to, wallpapers, sounds, desktop icons, and many other settings. Additionally, in the Dexpot settings, you can control General settings like how many virtual desktops you would like to have, Appearance, Components, Controls — here you can set things like Hotkeys, Mouse switch, and tittle bars –, Switching Desktops — here you can configure desktop elements and desktop names –, and last Plugins and extras that we will mention below.

Another cool thing about Desxtop is that you can additionally install plugins to extend the functionalities, you can choose from:

SevenDex: Integration with Windows 7 taskbar.

DexCube: 3D transition effects for Dexpot.

Tip: Press Ctrl+Alt and Up-arrow. Keep Ctrl+Alt pressed, additionally press Right-arrow or Left-arrow to rotate the cube.

Taskbar Pager: Based on the principles of the well-known GNOME desktop switcher.


Wallpaper Clock: Wallpaper Clocks for your desktop. Slideshow: Enables you to automatically switch between desktops after a pre-set time interval.

The installation is really simple just go to Dexpot – Settings, then click on Plugins and Extras, click the check box for the plugins you want, and then click Apply. If you need you can also click Configure to set other settings. Another features that makes dexpot a great desktop manager is Windows catalogue, which allows you group all the running applications in tiles for each desktop.

And Desktop Rules this is a feature that will help you step-by-step to distribute applications trough different desktops.

Dexpot software is not only great for desktop computers, but also people with small screens and low resolutions can be well benefit.  

Download dexpot

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