Windows 8 Developer Preview has been released not too long ago, many of you are already playing, testing, and discovering everything that is new about the up coming Microsoft’s operating system.  And if you are one of those Windows users that like to tweak, customize and take control to get the most out of your operating system, Windows 8 BluePoison is a tool that you must try. 

This is what you can do with Windows 8 BluePoison:

Unlock Windows 8 hidden features: bring back the classic Start menu with the Windows 7 orb; you can enable snap feature on small screen resolutions, and you can unlock the hidden Applications folder. And of course, you can always revert back! Download: get the latest release of Windows 8 Developer Preview and Office 15 preview right from the application. Themes: BluePoison allows you to change the Start screen theme, you can choose one of 10 different ones, including the purple theme that we all saw at the first demonstration video of Windows 8. Activation: you shouldn’t need this feature that BluePoison offers, because you don’t need to activate Windows 8 Developer Preview, but if you are having issues and Windows is asking you to activate, you can try using this feature.

Overall this is a really good tweak tool that if you like to customize and take control of an operating system, you should definitely give a try. BluePoison has many tweaks that you can apply to the operating system, considering that Windows 8 is not even in the beta stage. 

Download Windows 8 BluePoison 2.1

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