This morning in another rapid release in the same way that Google is doing with Google Chrome, the Mozilla team released Firefox 7 final build, this one comes less than six weeks after the release of Firefox 6.

Memory improvements

Mozilla is pretty proud to announce that this new version of the famous open source web browser brings a great improvement in its memory handling, something that Mozilla was trying to fix for a long time, and speed boost. The team has said that in this latest version the web browser software is less memory intense, the memory usage is reduced between 20% and 50%. Also in an article from the Mozilla Hacks, Nicholas Nethercode explained that this new memory improvement and its benefits will be most noticeable if the user is doing the following:

Keep Firefox open for a long time Use Firefox for Windows View pages with lots of text Have many tabs open at once Use Firefox while also using other memory-intensive programs

More improvements

Firefox 7 also has improved the support for some of the new web technologies, and hardware-accelerated Canvas for HTML5 animations, which this translate in better performance on web apps and games. Other small improvements in this version are: now http:// is hidden for all web addresses, password changes are sync almost instantly with Firefox Sync, bookmarks, and a handful of bugs and stability improvements are shipped in version 7 as well.

Download Firefox 7 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux Download Firefox 7 in all languages and all supported platforms Download Firefox 7 via FTP for Windows Download Firefox 7 via FTP for Mac OS X Download Firefox 7 via FTP for Linux

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