And releases keep coming… Firefox 8 Beta is already out, just a few days of the Firefox 7 final release, and it is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and android. Unlike the previous version, which was focus on improving the memory usage, this new Mozilla beta release of its web browser software adds features and user interface elements to improve the web browsing experience and also helps developers to write more secure web apps. New Firefox 8 Beta features for Windows, Mac and Linux:

Twitter Search: Now the giant of micro-blogging is on the default option in the search-box, you can search for #hashtags and @usernames much faster. Restore tabs on demand:  “Users can choose to load tabs only when selected, resulting in faster start-up times when windows with lots of tabs are restored. Windows users can find this option in the Firefox Menu, under Options, on the General tab. Mac users can find this option in the Firefox Menu, under Preferences, in the General tab.” Enhanced control of add-ons: When Firefox detects that a new third-party program has installed a new add-on has, it will disable it, then it will alert the user to review and confirm if they want to keep, delete or disable the add-on. This is a great feature to fight back unneeded toolbars and many other useless add-ons, what do you think? Tab animations: Firefox 8 makes it easier to re-order and tear off tabs with animated tab movement.

This latest beta release also bring improved enhancements that developers can take advantage of:

HTML5 Native Right Click Menu: Web developers can now add items directly to the Firefox right-click menu using simple HTML5 markup. HTML5 media elements: Developers can add a lot of video and audio elements to a website without impacting performance. CORS for WebGL textures: Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) enables Web developers to load textures from other domains for WebGL in a secure way. WebSockets updates: Firefox now prevents the use of plaintext WebSockets when created from an SSL page, which improves security for users.

Download Firefox 8 Beta Download Firefox 8 Beta via FTP — Windows Download Firefox 8 Beta via FTP — Mac Download Firefox 8 Beta via FTP — Linux 

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