The new open source web browser software is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Just to recap, because we already looked what’s new in Firefox 8 and you also got the early release FTP download link. The new version of Firefox incorporates Twitter search natively, which allows users to search and discover new topics via #hashtags and @usernames.  Firefox 8 includes a new feature that let you keep your tabs when you close the browser and when you start again, tabs will load on demand. This makes it super fast to restore a new session when you have many tabs open because they will not load all at once slowing down your experience. The web browser also adds better improvement in security with third-party installing a new add-on. Now you’ll be notified if any new add-on has been installed and you can give your permission to enable or disable. In more technical details Firefox 8 now has support for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) that lets web developers load WebGL textures securely. You can test this feature by visiting Google MapsGL and viewing the 3D maps, of course, in Firefox 8. Mozilla added more HTML5 support, this time developers will be able to customize options in the right-click menu instead of developing their own menus. If you want to learn more visit Firefox 8 for Developers page. Finally, Firefox for Android, Mozilla adds improved the web experience with Firefox Master Password, and the ability for developers to create easy to use HTML5-based web apps. Additionally Android users are now able to use icons in their bookmarks or web apps they save in the home screen.

Download Firefox 8 via Mozilla

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