For those who don’t know, Apple’s Boot Camp is a piece of software that assists users to install Windows in parallel with the existing operating system from Apple (e.g., OS X Lion and Mountain Lion) in the same computer. Boot Camp today appears as version 5.0.5033, and to avoid any problems installing Windows 8 on a Mac, users can download the Windows Support Software (Windows Drivers) from Apple’s website. The new version will also fix some of the issues found with the trackpad on some MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models. With Boot Camp 5 users will only be able to install Windows 8 (64-bit) or Windows 7 (64-bit). If you’re running Windows 7 with Boot Camp version 4, you can upgrade to version 5 and then proceed with the Windows 8 upgrade installation. Two things to keep in mind for users with Fusion Drive, Boot Camp assistant will help to install Windows 8 only on a hard drive and not on the flash drive even with enough space available for it. And remember that a Windows installation on an external drive isn’t supported.

Download Windows Drivers for Boot Camp 5

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