DropIt is a free application for Windows that will help you organize your desktop by doing all the work of sorting and placing files and folder to specific destinations that you pre-configure. How many times you had to stop whatever you were doing to look for a file or folder in a clutter desktop? And how much time-consuming is to organize all that stuff in your desktop? My guess is many times and you could spend a whole day sorting things out. While your desktop is a great to temporary place content for easy accessibility, it can quickly fill up and you should keep it organized. But putting all your files where you want can be a real task and time-consuming. DropIt is a small nifty application that enables you to organize things by a simply drag & drop — if you drop a hand full of files and folders, DropIt will do the hard work by looking at the file and determine the destination folder. Once you download and install Dropit you can configure up to 9 different rules (or associations) to organize the files and folder that you drag & drop on DropIt, for example, you can set rules to: copy, delete, ignore, move, compress, extract, open with, and list; you can filter content by extension, name, location, date, size and everything in between. This Free application for Windows also offers profiles which you can create and associate to different destination paths; profile and data encryption are supported, and a portable version of the application is also available.  So, don’t spend any more time trying to sort things out, let DropIt do all the hard work for you, of course, that you first need to spend about two minutes including the download, install and configure time, which I think it is a small price to pay to avoid spending hours decluttering the desktop.

Download DropIt How to configure and use DropIt to quickly organize your desktop

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