How to know that your connection with Facebook is secured “HTTPS”? Well it is pretty easy, if you ever shopped online or check your back statement, you have seen the lock icon in the address bar or the address has turned green like in the image below, these alerts indicate that your connection is secure and all your data being transfered is private.

If you would like to be more protected enabling HTTPS setting, you need to log-in to your Facebook account navigate to the Account settings and scroll down to Account security, select the option Secure Browsing (https), and to finish just click Save.

  HTTPS setting will be advised to be turned on if you check your Facebook page pretty often in public places like a cafe place, airports, school, or public wireless access. However you will notice that you have to physicality go to the Account security page and turn on HTTPS, so you might be asking yourself: Why this setting is not TURNED ON by default? Two of many reasons are that once you have changed the setting, Facebook pages will take longer to load — a lot of users may not like this pretty much — and the other reason is some third-party applications do not support HTTPS just yet, but these problems may be addressed in the future according to The Facebook Blog. Another feature that Facebook may roll out in the near future is Social Authentication. Traditionally in order for the website to check that you are you, not someone else or a computer, or to detect malicious activities, is with the use of a prompt of a challenge-response, most commonly known as a captcha-phrase. According to Facebook this captcha system has some limitations, because it could be vulnerable to hackers, so what they are planning to do is to implement Social Authentication, with this method you will be presented with a few pictures from friends and you will be asked to tell the name of the person in those pictures — really interesting, don’t you think? –. For now this feature is in the testing stages, but if it works how they are expecting, in the future it could become an additional protection layer.

Note that tomorrow is when Facebook is planning to start implementing HTTPS in all the accounts, but it could take some time to reach everybody, so keep checking your Account settings. Be the first and share with us, what do you think about Facebook new security features. Thanks! Source The Facebook Blog

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