In Firefox 4 RC1 there are not big changes in comparison with Beta 12, which was released less than 2 weeks ago. What you can expect is a lot of bug fixes and a Firefox build that it is pretty much how the final stable version is going to ship. The Firefox team is really satisfied with this latest build, all the new features and user interface design are in place, most of the bugs has been worked out, the browser feels steady and stable; developers had been working hard and now over 70%  of add-ons are compatible and stable to work in Firefox 4. So now is just a matter of waiting may be a couple weeks until the final stable release. Keep checking for more updates! Useful Links

Download Firefox 4 Release Candidate (RC1)

Mar. 9, 2011 Update

Here is the official link to download Firefox 4 Release Candidate (RC) Firefox users that would like to learn more about Firefox 4 RC release visit Mozilla Blog!

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