For starters, immediately after updating to Firefox 20, users will notice a new button. The new download manager button located next to the Home button (image above) has a few functions: it adds a quick access to your downloads (in a tooltip-style menu), it displays the download remaining time. And also the downward arrow turns green after the download completes, as a reminder that you have a new item completed. Furthermore, users can click the “Show All Downloads” link to open the Firefox “Library”, and view a history of all downloads, a folder-icon is also available next to the file name to access the containing folder. Note that from the Library, users can also access the web browsing History, Tags and All Bookmarks.

Finally, from either the new download button menu or Library, users can Pause, Resume, Cancel, Open Containing Folder and access to other options.

How to roll back the old download manager

Apparently, for those who don’t like the Firefox 20 new download manager, going to the web browser’s options page (about:config), doing a search for and setting it to “true” will roll back the old download manager (no restart necessary).

That’s pretty much all you need to know about Firefox 20 new download manager. For more information you can also check the Firefox blog.

Download Firefox 20 for Windows, Linux or Mac

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