Back in June the search giant launched the +1 button for websites, with the goal in mind to make easier to recommend content across the web. Today the company is launching two new features that will make +1 buttons for everyone, end-users and publishers. End-users – Sharing content with your circles on Google+ Starting today, Google+ users will able to share web pages with their circles, directly from the Plus One button. Now when you +1 a page look for “Share on Google+” option and click on it; the +1 box will populate the title of the page with the link, plus an image on the left and a brief text of what the content is about. Choose who you want to share it with and just click Share to finish.

Publishers – +Snippets As I mentioned before, you’ll notice that when you click the +1 button Google automatically include a link, an image and a description in the sharebox. These are call +snippets, which are really great to jump-start a new conversation with friends in your circle. Publisher will benefit with +snippets, not only for users that will better engage with new content, but this +snippets can be customized to share in Google+. For more details on how to do this visit this article. Something to be excited about? Well, Google think so, today the +1 button appears on more than a million sites, with over 4 billion daily views. But at the end of the day is about the clicks and not the views. Watch this video to learn more about the new +1 button feature and let us know what you think in the comments:

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