The new software is smart, fast and fluid, using it feels just right. Google Inbox, of course, is able to analyze all your emails and detects if you received a receipt, coupon, flight manifest, or an invite to attend a friend’s party and it can sort them out into groups. Then Inbox prioritize what’s important, for example, a newsletter is less important than a friend’s email. However, Google Inbox is always learning and you’re the teacher, so if the system notices you open newsletters more frequently than you respond to a friend, then newsletters will become more important. Keep in mind that “Gmail” is one thing and “Inbox” is another completely different, but they work together.

Google Inbox feature highlights

Bundles: This is a feature that expands on the categories that Google introduced in Gmail last year. Here is where you emails get sorted out and grouped together. For example, all your receipts or bank statements are neatly grouped for quickly reviewing. Highlights: Basically, the important emails get listed here for quick access. If information is missing, Google Inbox will search the web and brings those missing pieces, such as phone numbers or addresses. Reminders, Assists, and Snooze: Google Inbox also combines your calendar in the mix and all allows you to set reminders and when assist is needed you can count on “Inbox” to supply the information you need, such as maps, phone numbers, and store hours. If you’re doing something important and you can’t pay attention to a reminder, you can always snooze and do it later.

If you already use any Google service, you know that the company keeps a really close eye on everything you do. This is how you can get so much personalize assistant and Google Inbox isn’t different, everything you do gets logged to learn and assist you when you need it the most.

How to get a Google Inbox invite

Google is currently testing Inbox, so it is a beta product, which also means that it’s invite-only. You can get your own invite in three different ways.

Send an email to [email protected] to request your invite. First round of invites have already been sent, so you can ask your friends if they can give you access. Buy an invite on eBay. Yes, some people are selling Google Inbox invites via eBay for up to $200. (Of course, I really don’t recommend this last method, but if you really want it, this is another way — Proceed with caution at your own risk.)

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