Music Beta has other features as well, like for example the music that you upload and the playlists that you create will be kept always in sync, this means that if you created a playlist on your phone, it will be immediately available on your computer or tablet. You can upload any music folder or your iTunes library and all the playlists, and when you add more music to your computer, it can be uploaded automatically to your personal collection online. Like in Zune and iTunes service, Music Beta by Google has a feature called Instant Mix that will automatically create new playlists out of the songs from your personal collection that just sound great together. Another great feature from this new Google service is that you are going to have the ability to listen your favorite tunes even when you are offline; Music Beta will automatically store the most resent played music on your Android device and you can specify the albums, artists or playlists to be available when you are disconnected from the internet. The Music Beta by Google is live now, but you are going to need to request an invitation to use the service and for now is only available to the U.S. Watch the video to learn more:

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