To use Google Voice to make phone calls, it’s really simple, next time that you login in your Gmail account, launch Calls by clicking on the “Call phone” option at the top of the chat list and then dial a number with your keyboard or enter a name from your contact list. Gmail users are going to be able to check who is calling before answering and read voice mails as well. You can use your computer’s speakers and microphones as headsets; also Google voice subscriber can have incoming calls sent to their phones or Google chat in their browser. For prepaid credits to make phone calls, you are going to use Google Checkout service, which should be available in the coming weeks (for now, if you are in the US or Canada you going to use Google Checkout for international calls only). Google have really awesome products, no one can deny it. Gmail is a great example of a good product and what is possible in all our online communication today, but… I cannot stop wondering, what type of information Google is going to be able to collect with this new service? And, how they are going to use it? Should Skype, AT&T and Verizon start worrying? Leave us your comments in the section below and Join Pureinfotech on Facebook. Thanks! Call phones from Gmail video:

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Check out the Google low rates for international calls Download Google Chat to make phone calls! Don’t you have Gmail yet?

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