It is something to get excited about, the service not only will be able to hold tons of the music from your personal library, but also from music that you purchase from the new Google Music store, which you can share with your friends.

The break down

You will be able to upload the music you already own, either from iTunes or from any other library, including random folders to the giant Google Cloud, where they will be always available for you to stream to any supported device with an Internet connection. And also now, you’ll be able to buy music from your Android phone (2.2 or higher).

You may be wondering about the song prices, right? Well, they are expected to go from $0.99 to about $1.29, but also Google Music will be featuring FREE tracks — songs that will be yours to keep, but the price to pay will be giving your credit card information even though they are free — everyday.

Google Music store will also rely in music suggestions, directly from Google’s band of music nerds that as they say, they have great music taste. Sharing will be allowed — big + to Google for this! –, and as you may be thinking, it is going to be through Google+ social network.

Which are the labels that are in? Sony, Universal and EMI, but NOT Warner — which is going to be disappointing for many users –, and other inside labels are also in.

Another good news is that Google Music player (web version) is going to be compatible with all web browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, etc.), including Apple iOS.

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