Unlike the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X, these Pixel phones are top-shelf devices with premium features, and they come to the market to compete head-to-head with Samsung Galaxy and Apple’s iPhone (and if you look closely they even look a little bit like the iPhone 7).

Pixel variants

The new Google phone comes in two variants, including the 5-inch (Pixel) and the 5.5-inch (Pixel XL), and both handsets sport most of the same hardware specs. Pixels are available in three colors, including “very silver,” “quite black,” and there is also the “really blue” color option, but it’s only limited to the U.S. market initially.

Pixel design

The handsets feature an aluminum unibody design, and on the back of the phone, you’ll notice two types of finish: A metal finish on bottom and a glossy “glass shade” with a coat of Gorilla Glass 4 to make it scratch resistant (but it’s a fingerprint magnet) on the top, which also helps the antennas get better reception. In addition to the rounded edges that helps to make it less slippery.

Pixel tech specs

Features only on Pixel

Pixel owners can also store every photo and video captured with these phones with their original resolutions for the life of the device, meaning never running out of space anymore even when recording 4K videos. If you ever need help, a Google technician can quickly remote into your phone to offer support. Google is also proud to ship Pixel with a 3.5mm headphone jack — unlike the iPhone 7.

Pixel camera

According to the company the 12-megapixel camera is the best camera on a mobile device with an overall DxOMark Mobile score of 89, which is high number and huge deal. People using these phones will notice no more delays when rotating the phone to take pictures on portrait or landscape, and after autofocus. Then there is the front-facing camera which features an 8-megapixel sensor, and rotating the phone back and forth will switch back and front-facing camera.

Pixel battery life and ports

The Pixels sport the updated version of USB Type-C port for data transfer and charging. You can’t remove the battery, but you should get up to 13 hours of battery life surfing the internet and watching videos on the Pixel, and about 14 hours on the Pixel XL. Google also claims that a 15 minutes charge will give you up to 7 hours of battery life. While the Pixel phones will do a pretty decent job when it comes to water resistance, but they’re only rated to IP53, which are not as good as the other phones like the ones from Apple and Samsung.

How to get a Google Pixel

Pixel pricing starts at $649 for the 32GB, and then goes up to $749 for the 128GB, and $769 and $869 for the Pixel XL. You can pre-order the phones now unlocked from the Google Store, or in the United States, you can also get them exclusively on Verizon. Keep in mind that if you purchase the phone from Verizon, the company will control updates roll out, not Google. This means that you may not get new features and improvements as soon as Google releases them.

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