On Wednesday, Google announced that is already rolling out an entire redesigned Google+. The new design focuses on allowing users to customize many aspect of their profile, e.g., layout, photo and video, and better access to hangouts, — together with many other tweaks to make the much young social network more useful. “We think you’ll find it easier to use and nicer to look at, but most importantly, it accelerates our efforts to create a simpler, more beautiful Google. — The company said in the Google Official Blog.” The new Google+ redesign is a major update and it is just being roll out and it hasn’t reached everyone yet — so, if you don’t see it, keep checking because is coming really soon –. And there still not word to when the new changes may be coming to mobile devices.

Here is an overview on what is new in Google+:

Long gone is the horizontal navigation bar, now there is a new navigation ribbon on the left-side of the site, with the addition of Explorer, which is a new page that grabs interesting and popular content from all across the network. The new ribbon is flexible and it allows you to change the order of each button. Also, if you have apps that you often don’t use, you can just drag it to the More button to hide them, and hovering over an app will reveal quick actions of common tasks.

Google made other improvements in efforts to bring up some other features to the front center, such as hangouts. Now there is also a new page for hangouts that you can pin to the new ribbon on the left. When you are in the new page all hangouts that you can join will be available, with a dynamic recommendation list. You’ll also find a live updating list of invitations from people in your circles and “pro tips”.

A new profile with photos that are a lot bigger and chat is now aligned to the right. The first thing you’ll notice is that the new Google+ profile has a lot of similarities in structure and design of Facebook Timeline — just look at the new cover photo and photo profile, the only differences are the orientation and size, how posts, pictures and videos displays, and the chat on the right. Finally, like in all Google products, the company said that this still a work in progress and you should expect more features in a near future. In a personal opinion, I kind of dislike that Google+ main content and options are all shifted to the left and if you have a large monitor, this will create a big white space, which it seems a waste. Watch the following videos to learn more about the new Google+ redesign:

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