The company is calling this new feature “Search, plus the world”. Essentially what this new feature does is to push content from your Google+ activities and people from your circles and combines that information with the organic search results, but always making the Google+ data a priority. Now, when you are looking for a new Windows PC or for someone on the internet, the new personalization search feature will highlight posts and profiles from Google Plus first. So, for example, if you are looking for “Hawaii images”, it will search first and show one of your friend’s vacations photos in the result that was published in the social network or in Picasa. And if you are looking for people will first display their Google+ profiles and posts that are relevant to the query. The company believes that users will have a better experience  searching when results are also based in current and past Google+ activities alongside the company’s search power. — What do you think?

This doesn’t mean that organic search results are going away with the new personalization results, you can always switch back to the good old search results by clicking the “Hide personal results” button on top-right corner of the screen (the button with the globe image on it). This feature is being roll out slowly, so if you are interested and you still don’t have it, be patient, it may take a few days before everyone gets the “Search, plus the world”.

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