In this preview, part of the 19H1 development, Windows 10 is introducing Windows Sandbox, which is a feature designed to run untrusted apps in an isolated environment that will prevent affecting your device. You’ll minor tweaks to the Start menu to simplify the experience. The Settings app shows up with a new homepage that includes a new header design to help users finish their Windows setup and quickly access some of the most frequently used settings.  Windows Security gets updated with an improved Protection history experience, and there’s a new Tamper Protection feature to provide additional protections against security changes. You can now sign in and finish setting up an new account on Windows 10 without the need of a password. Recommended Troubleshooting is now fully functional, and a lot more. If you’re not planning to download this preview, or you simply want to see what Microsoft has been working for the next version, watch the hands-on video with all the new changes for Windows 10. Don’t forget to like and share the video and subscribe to the Pureinfotech YouTube channel. You can also check the review for Windows 10 build 18298:

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