During the announcement, Microsoft revealed many of the new changes on the latest release for Insiders, but the company didn’t mention everything that is new with Windows 10 build 14328 — only some of the significant features and improvements. In the hands-on video with Windows 10 build 14328 PC goes in-depth demonstrating all the new features and changes, and all those improvements the software giant didn’t list in its changelog. It’s worth pointing out build 14332 also has just rolled out to Insiders to the Fast ring. However, the new preview released through the Redstone development branch only includes under-the-hood fixes and improvements. Windows 10 build 14332 doesn’t bring any significant features when compared to build 14328. Here’s the breakdown of all the features found on build 14328 for the Anniversary Update of Windows 10:

Start menu

New user-interface with a left rail and hamburger button. “Most used” app and “All Apps” merged into a single list view. “Recently added” list now shows 3 entries instead of 1.

Tablet mode

Full-screen mode lists All Apps on the center of the screen. Two buttons on the left rail switches between All Apps and Live Tiles. Auto-hide the taskbar is now available in tablet mode.


Cortana now works on the Lock screen with the “Lock screen options.” Users can create Photo reminders and content reminders. Cortana syncs correctly across devices. Now users will get low battery notifications, and the assistant can effectively ring and find their phones. Cortana works without a Microsoft account. Searches on Windows 10 now include OneDrive results.


User Action Control (UAC) has an updated UI that align with the modern design of Windows 10. File Explorer has a new icon.


Clock now integrates with Calendar app. You can hide and show calendar events using the “Hide agenda” or “Show agenda” options. You can create new events from new clock experience using the “+”. The clock now appears across monitors. Notifications badges appear on Universal Windows Platform apps on the taskbar. Badges can be different depending on the app. Taskbar “Properties” is no longer part of the operating system. You can quickly manage volume output devices from the taskbar.

Action center and Notifications

Action Center button has been relocated to the bottom-right corner. Action Center button has a new design and features badge counter. Icon rotates with app icons to make it easier see which apps have notifications. Notifications inside Action Center no longer have icons on each notification, instead you’ll only see one icon next group title. Notifications now support hero images and rich content. Cortana notifications will now appear on Action Center. You can rearrange Quick Action buttons from the Settings app and remove the ones you don’t need.


There are icons on every page to better identify the setting page. The search box appears on the left side above the setting pages.


Project to this PC is a new page of settings included with this new build. Notifications & actions includes the ability to rearrange Quick Actions button and an option to remove Quick Action buttons from Action Center. Apps & features includes a new option to reset Universal Windows Platform apps when they stop working. Tablet mode includes a new auto-hide taskbar option. Battery has a new option to app battery usage by app and time. Storage has a pending updates and preview builds information on Temporary. Pen settings page will be available when a pen paired to the device to control the Pen features with Windows Ink.

Network & internet

Status is a new page that shows network status, helps users to troubleshoot a connection, and features the ability to run a speed test. Wi-Fi includes a new Hotspot 2.0 settings option. Dial-up is a new page to connect to the internet using a dial-up connection.


Taskbar now offers the options turn off system icons, and taskbar icons, and you can enable or disable badge notifications.


Sign-in options includes a new Privacy option to hide your email address on the Lock screen

Ease of Access

Magnifier is a new page to control the magnifier settings on Windows 10.

Update & security

Windows Insider Program now appear listed on the settings pages and not inside the Windows Update advanced options.

Lock screen

Now you can play, pause, and skip music from the Lock screen.

Windows Ink

Windows Ink introduces three main features: Sticky Notes, Sketchpad, and Sketch screen.


Microsoft Edge no longer display developer options by default in context menus and have to be enabled by visiting the F12 Developers Tools Skype UWP Preview includes a new updated UI, and users can create group messages, and group audio video calls. Paid Wi-Fi and cellular app appears on the operating system.

Virtual desktops

You can now switch quickly between desktops using the touchpad.

Japanese IME Improvements

Prediction capability enhancements on Japanese IME Improved typing history management in Japanese IME Improved Cloud suggestions in Japanese IME

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