In build 14971, Microsoft is adding the ability to open and read ePub files in Microsoft Edge, and you also get a number of customization options to make the best of your e-book reading experience. This flight also makes Paint 3d the default app ditching the old Paint desktop application, and brings 3D to the masses. Microsoft also introduces a new Get Office app, which new features that make the app more useful and not just an app that tries to get to install Office. In addition, we’ll see PowerShell replacing Command Prompt on all the context menus throughout the operating system.  If you’re not planning to download Windows 10 build 14971 or you simply whant to see what’s new and improved, watch this hands-on video highlighting all the new features for the newest test version of the Creators Update. Don’t forget to like and share the video and subscribe to the PUREinfoTech YouTube channel. For more details about the Windows 10 Creators Update, check out these resources:

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