In this new flight, part of the Creators Update, Windows 10 introduces Folders for the Start menu, which is simply a way to group tiles optimizing the space in the menu. And when searching for an app, you’ll get sample voice commands that you can use with Cortana with that app you’re searching. A number of the pages in the Settings has been updated, and you’ll now see a bunch of new features, including Blue Light to reduce the amount of blue light your display emits to prevent eye strain and improve sleep quality. You can now set Ethernet network connections as metered. Personalization has been updated and now it’s includes a new theme management system to further customize your experience. On Accounts, you can now enable Dynamic Lock using Windows Hello, which is a new feature that allows the operating system to detect if you’re not nearby your computer and lock it to protect your data. You can now pause update from being installed on your computer on up to 35 days, and you can select whether to include driver updates with Windows Update. On Windows 10 build 15002, Microsoft is making changes on high-DPI to help desktop application look crisper and less fussy on high-resolution display when using scaling. Microsoft Edge introduces a tab management system to help you organize and pick up where you left off when browsing the web. The browser now also blocks Adobe Flash content by default, and there is a new Web Payment API integration to make it easier for websites to checkout by accessing your payment and shipping information stored in the Microsoft Wallet. This release also includes a new version of Windows Defender with a number of tweaks, and you can actually change some the settings now. If you’re not planning to download Windows 10 build 15007 or you simply want to see what’s new and improved, watch this hands-on video highlighting all the new features for the newest test version of the Creators Update. Don’t forget to like and share the video and subscribe to the PUREinfoTech YouTube channel. You can also check the review for Windows 10 build 15007.

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