However, build 15055 includes a lot of bug fixes and confirms Microsoft will be referring it as “Windows 10 version 1703”, which combined with previous updates (Windows 10 build 15048, 15046, 15042, 15031, and 15025), add up to a significant amount of changes. If you’re not planning to download Windows 10 build 15055, or you simply want to see what’s new and improved, watch this hands-on video detailing all the changes inside the latest Creators Update preview. Some of which include, pick up where you left off in Cortana, a new option to prevent users from installing apps outside the Store, Windows Update and Windows Defender Security Center improvements, and new changes for Microsoft Edge. Don’t forget to like and share the video and subscribe to the PUREinfoTech YouTube channel. For more details about the Windows 10 Creators Update, check out these resources:

Windows 10 Creators Update features Windows 10 latest version number

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