Other services are also getting the enhanced security, SkyDrive, Docs, Photos and Devices pages, now are transferring encrypted data via HTTPS. If security was the reason holding you back on using these services, this new security option can give you a little more confides that your data will be safer. This new feature is not on by default, so to boost the security of your Hotmail inbox, contacts, and calendar, go to https://account.live.com/ManageSSL, login and select Use HTTPS automatically and click Save. Now all your future connections with Hotmail will be using SSL. The down side is that HTTPS doesn’t work with all the services. It is important that you know that trying to gain access Hotmail via these services will cause errors:

Outlook Hotmail Connector Windows Live Mail The Windows Live application for Windows Mobile (version 6.5 and earlier) and Nokia.

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