In a new article at the Building Apps for Windows blog, the company says that they heard the customers complaints on some of the apps that are not what they claim to be and the inconsistency on search that bumped unofficial apps to the top of search results, making it hard to find the right app. The new policies in place are being applied to both the Windows and Phone Store for new app submissions, but the software maker is also applying the same policies on existing apps inside the catalog. The company reports that it is contacting developers on questionable apps to make the necessary changes and those who didn’t complied have been removed from the store. Thus far Microsoft has removed over 1,500 apps as part of the new cleaning program and it will be refunding every person affected. Though a procedure on how to get your money back is nowhere to be found. SEE ALSO: Microsoft to remove low-quality apps from the Windows Store to improve experience Microsoft also says that they are always trying to deliver the best experience in the store, however “from time-to-time this process slips out of sync and we need to recalibrate.” The company notes. There is a serious problem in the Windows app store. Many of the fake apps deliberately use legit titles, trademark icons, and description for the sole purpose of taking your money and personal information and run away. Even worse Microsoft indirectly has been part of this problem as it has been taking a cut from paid fakes apps for a long time (Though the company said it will be refunding everyone affected) and it also helped to grow the number of apps when it needed the most. Hopefully the new tougher policies will help to see less junk apps and perhaps users will finally find the correct app and no 20 different Facebook or 1000 Twitter apps. All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.