Let me start with a question, how many times we have been promised that by now we would drive flying cars? A lot, Right? What this question really tell us is that we never know for sure how the future may look like, but still really cool to see a good guess of what that be. In this video “Productivity Future Vision (2011)” Microsoft demonstrate the concept of touch based computing on every surface and speech recognition on every device, all seamlessly working together in harmony, and Cloud computing being the main hub to make all this possible.  As most of the technology shown in the video is in existence today (i.e., speech recognition, real-time collaboration, tablets, smartphones, etc.); the challenge is to bring them all together and make them all work seamlessly, and of course advances in computer technologies such as battery and touch-sensitive surface has to happen as well, so you’ll see in the video awesome futuristic new devices like smart-phones about the size of a business card, ultra-thin book-like tablets, smart walls and tables. Let’s just wrap up here and let the video speak for itself, it is less than 7 minutes long and it is worth watching. Also let us know what are your thoughts in the comments below on what you think the future may look like in the next 5-10 years.

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