When you are trying to sync your Firefox bookmarks and other settings with a new device, this being an iPhone, Android, Maemo or an additional computer, there are some steps that depending on the device you have to follow, and this is what is going to be described in this article, plus how to finish the sync process. Let’s start by finding the code for the device: Find Firefox Sync code for iPhone device:

  1.  Launch Firefox Home and tap the I Have A Sync Account button.
  2.  Now the code to add your iPhone will be displayed.

Find the Firefox Sync code for Android or Maemo device:

  1.  Launch Firefox in your Android or Maemo device, swipe left, tap the settings icon and then select the Preferences tab.
  2.  Under the Sync section, tap Connect. At this point the code that you will be asked to add a new device will be displayed.

Find Firefox Sync for another computer:

  1.  Navigate to Firefox’s Options.

  2.  From the Sync tab, click the Set Up Firefox Sync.

  3. Click the Connect button and the code to add this computer will be displayed.

Add a device to Firefox Sync Once you have obtained the sync code the only thing left to do is to enter that code into Firefox Sync setting section:

  1.  Go to Firefox’s Options and navigate to the Sync tab.
  2. Click the Add a Device link, enter the code for your new device and click the Next button. And that is all!

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