Drivers are programs that control devices in your computer — this is the way that Windows can talk and understand every device in your system –, whether it is a printer, sound, video, keyboard, etc.; every device has to have a driver.  While Windows 7 and Windows Vista will recognize thousands of devices that you may install in your system using the Plug & Play feature, it is a good idea to create a backup of the already installed drivers. This becomes in handy, for example, when you don’t have the CD with the driver for a specific device or the driver is not available anymore when you search online. It can be quite complicated, for example, if you just finish installing Windows and you find out that Windows couldn’t install the driver for network adapter, and now you cannot connect online to find it. Double Driver is a free tool that not only allows you to view detailed information about all the drivers installed in Windows like version, date, providers, etc., but also it allows you to easily backup, restore, save and print all the selected drivers.

How to use Double Driver to backup drivers

How to use Double Driver to restore drivers

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