Alright now, before we get started let’s talk a bit about Windows To Go (a.k.a Portable Workspace). This is a new feature in Windows 8 that the software maker is targeting to enterprise customers, but anyone can use it, and it allows to install a full copy of Windows 8 into a USB drive (and this is not just a stripped down version, this is the real deal) which you can then boot from, taking the corporate environment anywhere. This feature will be useful in many scenarios to provide a secured environment when, for example, working remotely from home or from a shared computer, or even to avoid spending hours setting a new computer for a contractor that has to work for limited time in a different location.  If you would like to learn more, I would recommend you to check out these two previous articles:

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  1. To start you need to make sure that the USB drive is connected to your computer, then you need to open the Command Prompt as administrator — To do this, go to Start, in the search box type cmd, right-click it in and select Run as Administrator. 

  2. While in the Command Prompt type the following and press Enter:

  3. You’ll now need to list all the available disks on your system, type the following command — your USB drive should now be listed and press Enter:

  4. Select your future Windows To Go USB drive by typing the next command and press Enter:

  5. Next you need to clean the partition, so type:

  6. Now is the time to create the new partition, type the following command:

  7. Next, select and format the boot partition that you just created by entering this command:

  8. Configure the partition to be active by typing:

  9. To finish with Diskpart just type the following and press Enter:

  10. Now to the fun part, mount the Windows 8 ISO file by double clicking it, look for the install.wim file that it should be in the \sources\ folder and copy it to the folder where you have placed the Imagex.exe.

  11. Detect the USB drive letter and run the following command from the folder that contains the Imagex.exe and now the install.wim:

  12. When the above step has finished, you’ll need to configure the boot record in the Windows To Go USB drive. Type the following command:

And this was the last step, now you have just created a Windows To Go, the next step would be to test it out. Good Luck and have fun! As a final note, make sure that your computer is configured to boot from the device you are about to use, i.e., USB drive. Also the first time that you install Windows 8 doesn’t need to be activated– Windows To Go startup will take a bit of time, because this is the first time booting from that particular machine, then the next time it will boot faster, and if you are prompted to enter the product key, just click Skip. Be the first and leave us comment with your thought on Windows To Go. All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.