The application automates the process of creating file backups to another location on the same computer, USB hard drive, or over the network to a NAS, FTP, or SFTP server. Also, with Cobian, you can create multiple backup jobs and schedule them a different times. You can choose to make full, incremental, or differential backups, and you can even exclude or specify the files you want to include in the file backup, and there are options for compression and encryption. The developer has two versions, including “Cobian Backup” for older versions of Windows and “Cobian Reflector” for Windows 10, 11, and later versions. This guide will teach you the steps to use the Cobian Reflector backup app to create a file backup on Windows 11.

Create file backup with Cobian on Windows 11

On Windows 11, to create a backup with Cobian, you first need to install the application, and then you need to create a new backup job.

Install Cobian

To install the Cobian backup app on Windows 11, use these steps: Once you complete the steps, you can open the app and create a job to back up your files.

Create file backup

To create a file backup with Cobian on Windows 11, use these steps: Once you complete the steps, Cobian Reflector will run the file backup with your specific settings at the specified time. However, you can always select the task and click the Run button to run the backup job immediately.

Full backup: Creates a complete backup of the files. Incremental backup: Creates backup increments since the last full or incremental backup. Differential backup: Create backup increments since the last full backup.

Restore files from backup

Usually, backup applications use proprietary file formats that require the use of the app to restore the data. However, Cobian uses a more straightforward approach as the app makes copies of the files to the destination, which means that you can browse the backup folder with File Explorer to select the files you want to restore. In the case that the backup is using compression, then the files will be available inside a Zip folder. To restore files with Cobian backup, use these steps: After completing the steps, the files will be restored to the specified location.

It’s important to note that Cobian is an application to create a backup of your files. You cannot use this software to create an image of the entire computer as you would with the System Image feature or other software, such as Veeam or Macrium Reflect. All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.