To easy-up this problem you can use MetroApp Link, which is a small utility that it doesn’t need to be installed and it will allow you to create Metro apps shortcuts to the Windows 8 Desktop, reducing the number of steps and time to start working with the apps. The utility is pretty easy to use, since you don’t need to install it, you just need to extract the content of the zip file and double-click to run it. You may also see a pop-up message at the first run indicating that you need to install the icon library — in this step simply click Yes to continue.

Then the MetroApp Link will load, once in the main application you can just click the Create shortcut button for each Metro app you want to have access from the Desktop.

The shortcuts you want will now appear on the Desktop and you can double-click them to open the Windows 8 Applications without the need of going through the Start Screen.

Things to keep in mind:

Remember to extract all the content of the zip file. When running the application don’t just double-click the application, instead right-click on it and select Run as administrator. The utility do not have a scroll bar, so to view all the shortcut available you need to left-click the application background and grab up and down. If you stumble upon a security warning, simply click Open.

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