This time the company really enhanced the way we interact with the operating system and how we now access applications and system settings. With all this, Microsoft’s goal is to give the end-user more control of Windows, however there are minimal options to customize the new Metro style user interface and that is when My WCP CharmBar Customizer comes in handy. This is free portable application that will help customize many aspects of the Windows 8 Charms Bar.

This application contains all the available options right in the main page. The first thing you’ll notice is the Default, Hover (Light), and Hover (Dark) set of icons for the Charms, clicking each individual icon will allow you to choose a custom image. Additionally, you can change the time and date background and text as well as the background text and icon hover background, and text hover of the Charm Bar.  Other features available are:

Disable Charms Hint Disable Logo Smoothing Disable Hover Wash Disable Wash Transparency Edit UI File (only for advanced users)

What is worth noting about My WCP CharmBar Customizer is that if at any time, you decide that you don’t like the changes anymore, you can restore default settings with only one click. If you want to add some additional style to the Windows 8 Charms Bar, use the link below to download this app.

Download My WCP CharmBar Customizer

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